Private Classes


I offer private classes at my studio in SE Portland, or I can bring workshops to your location.


Private Class Info

  • See example projects on the Explore Workshops page to get an idea of possible projects.

  • Private classes at my studio are typically $100/hour with a $200 minimum. Workshops at your location might be a bit more depending on location and how many people in your group.

  • At my studio, needle felting classes have a maximum of 10 people, wet felting classes have a maximum of 4 - 8 people depending on the space needed for the project. There could be wiggle room on this.

  • The hourly price includes the materials you need in addition to the instruction. Sliding scale pricing is available for non-profity, artisty, low-income types. A cash/check discount is available‚Ķ let me know if you want to pay that way.

Private Class Inquiry Form

Fill out this form with some basic info to get started. Or you can email me.

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What do you want the project to be? How long do you want the class to be?
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